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 D2B Online Community
Welcome to the D2B Online Community
Designated Key Contacts from participating D2B hospitals have received an invitation from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), to participate in the D2B Online Community.  Your key contacts must enroll you and your team members before you can access the D2B online community. The D2B online community is housed on a dedicated section of IHI’s website called an” Extranet”. It is very similar to the online collaborative communities most hospitals have participated in during the IHI 100,000 Lives Campaign and other IHI Collaboratives.  Your key contacts have also received specific login information and training materials to assist you in accessing the D2B online community. The IHI is a strategic partner of the D2B Alliance and we are very pleased that they have extended this excellent resource to our participants.
  • If you have not yet registered with the IHI site, please click here to complete your registration.
  • If you have registered with IHI you can click here to access the D2B Online Community.

When you log into the Extranet, you can select the D2B Alliance Door-To-Balloon Project from your list of current projects once your key contact has added you as a team member.

Available only to D2B participants, the D2B Online Community hosts your team’s home page where you can post your latest updates and materials. The D2B Online Community also serves as a central point for community-wide discussions, project news, and access to resources and workgroups.

Content and discussions will begin in earnest as you, your fellow participants and our D2B faculty members begin to engage in conversations and share tools and experiences. We are requesting that all of you join the online community so that we all can share and learn together. Our goal is to enhance communication and help develop a vibrant, learning community among hospitals working together to reduce their door-to-balloon times.

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