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 Why Should Hospitals Participate in D2B?

There are several reasons for hospitals to join D2BTM:

  1. Improve on CMS/JCAHO core measure results.
  2. Learn from and share with the D2BTM community of hospitals committed to this issue.
  3. Strategic Partners Focus on D2BTM - some of the D2BTM Strategic Partners are working to incorporate D2BTM participation into their focus.
  4. Publicity for your hospital and D2BTM team - in addition to the significant media attention already devoted to D2BTM, the D2BTM campaign continues to generate a lot of interest and enthusiasm from the public and press.  The D2BTM campaign will also spotlight the success of hospitals overcoming barriers and making strides in reducing their D2BTM times through our website.
  5. No cost to hospitals - there is no fee associated for participating in D2BTM or for use of the implementation manual.
  6. It’s the right thing to do! - improving D2BTM times will result in better outcomes for STEMI patients.
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