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 Real Time Data Feedback

One of the six intervention strategies advocated by D2B: An Alliance for QualityTM is the use of real time performance feedback on door-to-balloon times to drive the quality improvement effort.   The D2BTM campaign understands that many participating hospitals already use a system or mechanism to monitor your door-to-balloon times.  The D2BTM campaign encourages, but does not require, each participating hospital to use their current system or mechanism to monitor their door-to-balloon times.  Some of these systems might include the NCDR-ACTION Registry-GWTG™, or various proprietary software packages. 

For those hospitals that do not already have in place a system or mechanism for data feedback, we have collaborated with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), which is one of the Sponsors of D2BTM, to build a tool for prompt data feedback to your D2BTM team.  This system does not require protected health information, only average D2BTM times.  This web-based tool will display your average door-to-balloon time data using a run chart on a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.  The periodicity of the data display is up to you, although, in general, the finer the period of time used, the more useful the data will be for your D2BTM quality improvement team. 

The IHI data feedback website can also capture qualitative data on the implementation of your D2BTM intervention strategies, barriers encountered, lessons learned and successes achieved.  Although the qualitative information is important to capture for the overall D2BTM campaign – to share with other hospital participants – it, like the use of the IHI data feedback tool, is completely optional.  The IHI data feedback tool is available through the D2BTM Online Community

Any data entered into the IHI web-based data feedback tool and website may be used by the D2BTM campaign to highlight improvement and provide some feedback on the campaign’s progress.  Individual hospital D2BTM data will not be shared with other participants or the public and will remain strictly confidential.  In addition, data entered into the NCDR-ACTION Registry™-GWTG may also be used by the campaign to track the campaign’s progress.

D2BTM Project Evaluation

An evaluation of the overall impact and effectiveness of the D2BTM campaign will be conducted in 2008 using CMS/JCAHO data on door-to-balloon times coupled with the D2BTM participant enrollment surveys.  

 The ACC’s NCDR offers the ACTION RegistryTM as a tool to help your hospital provide prompt data feedback to your QI team.
ACTION Registry
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